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Large format printing on flexible materials

There are two kinds of printing – exterior and interior, respectively quality of the material and size of the print depends on the given task.

Printing equipment for flexible materials.

Model Application Resolution dpi Colors Printing width inch/mm Inks type Printing Media Expiration date of the printed image
Epson Stylus Pro 4880 interior printing  2880x1440 8 17 / 432 pigment Films, labels, photo paper, glossy paper, mat paper, envelopes, rolls Up to 75 years for color images and more than 100 years for monochrome
Epson Stylus Pro 11880  interior printing  2880x1440 9 64 / 1626 pigment Glossy paper, mat paper, rolls Up to 75 years for color images and more than 100 years for monochrome
Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 exterior printing  1440 x 1440 6 64 / 1626 eco solvent Films, glossy paper, mat paper, rolls  
VUTEК 3360EC exterior printing  720 х 360 8 125 / 3180 solvent Banner, vinyl, mesh, adhesive materials, paper, etc. Up to 3 years
Durst Rho 350 exterior and interior printing  400x600
6 125/3500 UV A wide range of coated and uncoated materials. Films, fabrics, vinyl fabrics for banners, flag materials, paper, etc. Up to 3 years
Mutoh ValueJet 2628TD exterior and interior printing  720 х 720 4 103/2622 Disperse, dye sublimation. Banner fabrics, flag fabrics, decorative fabrics.  


Printing on the rigid materials

Now we have an opportunity to print on rigid materials too, it means that we are able to produce hundreds of POS constructions and stands made of plastic, shops and store windows decorating became more qualitative and variable. Print is applied directly on the media without additional adhesive film. Due to the latest equipment and materials from the known European manufacturers we are able to print with the resolution up to 1200 dpi. It is possible to print on pre-tailored plastic sheet or vice versa – to print and then to tailor required shape. And most important is that this process does not take much time.

Printing equipment for rigid materials

SwissQprint Imapla

Application Resolution dpi Printing area Maximum thikness of the material Maximum weight of the material Printing media Inks type Expiration date of the printed image
Printing equipment 1200 2,5 х 4,0 50 mm 400 kg PVC, foam boards, acrylic 
glass, wood, metal, glass, etc.
UV Up to 10 years

Has an ability to make a white print.

Printing media

·         Acrylic glass

·         Foam boards

·         Polystyrene

·         Polycarbonate

·         PVC

·         Composite materials

·         Ceiling panels

·         Wood

·         Metal

We are using for printing different kinds of inks – pigment. Solvent, eco solvent, UV. In respect that UV technology is a novelty on our market we would like to provide you more extensive information.

UV is more and more often used for printing on flexible and rigid materials. Inks fastened by UV dry quickly and well tolerate precipitations and changes in the temperature. This allows considerably improve the quality of the finished products and significantly expand the range of manufactured products. UV printing gives an opportunity to apply full-color high resolution image (up to 1200 dpi) on all kinds of possible surfaces. Metal, wood, ceramic, film, banner, glass, paper, plastic, linoleum – all these and many other materials can be used as a basis for UV printing. It is also possible to apply an image on rough and ribbed surfaces. One of the greatest of UV technology is that it is ecological safe and does not harm the environment.

Cutting Plotter Zund G3 Xl-3200

Application Working area size Maximum thickness of the material V-Cut Materials processed
Cutting through, milling, notches, creasing, and other operations 3295х4112 from 50 мм from 15°- to 45° Plastic, textile, film, aluminum, foam boards, acrylic glass, wood, PVC, etc.


Complication of Zund cutter allows to process a wide range of roll and sheet materials: all kinds of cardboards – from poster to corrugated cardboards, sandwich panels, plastic, adhesive film, textiles, glass, composite materials, polystyrene, aluminum sheets, foam boards, etc.

Hydrojet cutting

Application Working area size Maximum thickness of the material Materials processed
Cutting through 3000х2000 Up to 100 mm Titanium, aluminum, stone, copper, stainless steel, glass, acrylic, organic glass, graphite, etc.


Water jet cutting is a process of aggressive erosion with the use of the energy concentrated in the water steam released under a high pressure.

Thermoforming is a technical process used in the producing of complicated plastic products.  It has found a use in the manufacturing of indoor and outdoor advertising, decorating of exhibitions, manufacturing of large relief letters. Thermoforming is focused on individual products manufacturing.  Advertising made with the thermoforming technology will never stay unnoticed.  

Having of own neon workshop allows us to fulfill orders on manufacturing of any advertising containing neon elements efficiently and on highly professional level. Neon sign – is a kind of bright outdoor advertising made in order to attract attention. It is standing out with its juicy colors. Neon is irreplaceable for volumetric letters illumination and for creation of neon signs with complex animation effects.

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