• Project and design


  • A full cycle advertising photo session


  • Billboards, mega boards, facade panels, extenders
  • Roof constructions
  • Signboards, information stands, signs
  • 3D posters
  • Light boxes
  • Neon advertising
  • Volume letters and figures
  • Constructions for gasoline stations, bus stops and stadiums
  • Stages
  • Decorations
  • Exhibition stands
  • POS materials: Roll-Up, Fold-Up, Pop-Up, promotional stands, stoppers, POS-stands, checkpoints, sign points, Jumbo (fake), showcases, racks, floor advertising.


  • On flexible and solid materials for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Large format printing – printing on flexible and rigid materials 
  • Cutting – laser, water jet and mill
  • Engraving
  • Painting workshop - anodizing
  • 3D-modeling, vacuum forming.
  • Metalworking and assembling production
  • Welding workshop
  • Neon production

D Group is almost all innovative technologies for advertising production collected in one company. For performance quality of all these kinds of work skilled team, appropriate equipment and materials are required. Advertising producing vehicles park is the object of our pride. We are constantly updating equipment and developing new technologies in the advertising production, increasing our capacity. We are working on the best equipment from the best manufacturers of Japan, USA and Europe. We own the exclusive equipment and ready to execute any order within our capabilities. 



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