About us

D-Group began from the IDEA, from OUR idea of the creation of the company which will be able to carry out any advertising project. The company which is capable to carry out all the cycle of works on advertising creation – planning, design, production and mounting. We are able to turn a rough drawing on paper into a final product. Thereat in 1998 it was unbelievable. Rare companies and organizations were interested in creative and qualitative work. It was making all our efforts unprofitable and unclaimed. But we decided to develop, to go forward, even at the expense to us.

  • The original design
  • High-quality performance
  • Short production time
  • A diverse selection of materials and methods of the order performance.

Time passed and a small advertising company with a few opportunities and great ideas has grown. At the moment D-Group has its own manufacturing facilities, a skilled employees team, design and photo studio with professional equipment, the newest machines for large format printing, workshop for the manufacturing and assembling of the constructions, operative group of craftsmen with the ability to travel all over the country for mounting works. Our work team has a wide experience in working with the local and foreign companies. We are using the latest technologies to perform the task. And the most important, we are constantly looking for innovations in the manufacturing. We are buying equipment and expendable materials from the leading manufacturers of USA, Europe and Japan, that quarantines high quality and durability of our products. Our company will give you all the opportunities to fulfill your ideas and, of course, is willing to share our own. We undertake the work that other companies are unable to do because of the lack of technologies, materials and specialists. Don’t give up your ideas referring to the limited capacity to implement them – please contact us and we will help you to bring your ideas to life, because we know what it takes.

We are ready to realize your ideas. What about you?

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